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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Planning to join the half mil (plus) crazy people in Times Square for New Years Eve.

I'm thinking of it like one would think of a marathon. It's going to be uncomfortable, but it's something that some people feel like trying once.

Watch for pix in '08.

Have a GREAT two-thousand and eight!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

RIP Gray Cat Stray Cat Trey Cat!!!

Took Gray Cat to the vet today so he could have a look over...and get ready for neutering.
Vet said she'd test him for Feline FIV and Feline Leukemia. If he tested positive for either of those, then the best thing to do would be to put him to sleep...for his well-being and well-being of other cats.
Sure enough...he tested positive for BOTH.
Awwwww (sniff). They took him away to put him to sleep.
And they didn't charge me for euthanasia, since he was a stray.
He was pretty sick. They thought he had broken his ankle area and it was healed/healing...but he walked on that part of his leg or something. And I had never noticed 'bugs' in his fur, but in the light at the vet's office, I could see something. They called it lice (different than human lice) or 'walking dandruff'. And those parasites really only show up on sickly animals.

Monday, December 24, 2007

New Macaroni

At grosh today, in the mac n cheese section with Baby Girl.

She picked out her favorites: Scooby-Doo, Shrek, Sponge Bob.

Then she said, "I need the ARM macaronis!"

I asked her, probably three times, "WHAT? What kind are you looking for?"

Finally I figured out she was asking for ELBOW macaroni.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Applebee's Nachos

Went to Applebee's the other night for a late evening snack. Loved the menu's description of the Nachos Nuevos.

Don't remember it exactly anymore, but it was a one sentence description containing the words 'smothered in love.'

Hmmm. What exactly IS that??


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Listen Up!

Just because you have $250 to blow on your three year-old's birthday party, doesn't mean you should.

The new three year-old doesn't know HOW to play black light mini-golf or arcade games.

I still haven't wrapped my head around the suburban Philly notion that EVERY kid must have an elaborate birthday party EVERY year.

My kid is NOT going to invite her entire class to ANY of the local birthday venues for her birthday.

In fact, when she turned four this year, she was allowed to invite THREE other children to our house to play. And we requested NO GIFTS PLEASE.

Try THAT on for size, suburban Philly families!

Three cats

Gray Cat discovered a warm spot on our 'bilco' doors. I put the chair near the window so Rudy could see Gray Cat.
All three cats were enjoying a sunny, warm afternoon (two indoors and warm, one outdoors and not-so-warm).

Christmas Card Rant *warning* Grinchy-Scrooge Content Below

Over the years, Kerrfunk and I have become, somewhat, connoisseurs of Christmas cards. Due to his line of work, we receive several cards and we send out around 150 cards ourselves.

We think so much of Christmas cards, that after each glut of cards is received, we pick out our favorite designs/pictures. Those have been saved for several years and this year (2007) they're being placed into three ring binders so we may flip through and remember the pictures. *see favs of favs a few posts below*

Aside from receiving duplicate cards from one year to the next (we understand that you may not have used all the cards up from last year, so you're using them up this year...okay fine...just remember that we're watching, remembering, and giving you nightmares), we've noticed some other (disturbing) patterns:

1. The least you can do is to SIGN the card. We were especially amused to receive a card (yesterday, actually) which bore NO signature inside. Nothing, nada, zilch. No letter, nothing.

The return address label gave away the name of the culprit.

Like a friend suggested, maybe we'll save this blank, brand new card and mail it out ourselves next year (maybe to the person who sent it to us)! If you're in such a rush and cluttered state of mind to even remember to SIGN the card, I think it's more important for you to take a break from Christmas cards this year and rest up for NEXT Christmas!!

2. Our next concern involves several issues surrounding those nice 4 x 8 photograph cards of the happy family.

A. One concern is that people have gotten into the habit of simply addressing the envelope and inserting the photo card without including a nice signature or simple "How do?" somewhere on the card (front or back, we'd be happy with either). We know you don't want to spend a lot of time on Christmas cards, but at least personalize them a LITTLE bit!? Make them your own....not just something that comes straight from Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Walmart to the mailbox.

We offer some grace here.........we want to at least give kudos to those who HAND address their envelopes before inserting unsigned photo card. Congratulations on putting pen to paper...good show of effort! Next year, let's expand that to include a signature or note on the back of the photograph! We know you can do it!

This is also where it becomes give and take. We like to write little notes on our cards, BUT we computer print our labels and slap them on the envelopes. Guess our priority is in writing a signature or note on the card than hand addressing the envelopes?!

B. Is your NAME printed somewhere on your nice 4 x 8 photo card of the happy family? Although we love the challenge of figuring out WHO this lovely family IS that posed by the old oak tree this summer for their Xmas card photo, it'd make things a lot easier for US if you take advantage of the options available at Shapfish, Shutterfly, or Walmart and include, at the very least, a surname on your photo card! AND if you even care to include each family members' name, we'll feel like we've received the courtesies of courtesies from you!

If you can't include a name of some sort on your photo card, at least try to have your name in the return address section of the envelope. The return address always serves as an answer key to this exciting game we play each December.

C. Is the YEAR printed somewhere on your photo card? This is the most frequently overlooked item on Christmas cards. We don't mind so much when it's a store-bought illustrated Chrimas card, but when it's your nice happy family posing by the old oak tree, I might like to keep that photo tucked away for future reference. That's when it's helpful to have the year printed somewhere on the photo card. I usually end up jotting the year on the backs of several photo cards.

The year is also helpful on your family newsletters. In case we keep the newsletters for future reference, I usually make certain there's a date on the newsletter.

Bottom line...think back to grade school....make sure your name is on your paper! And a date is helpful, too.

Make your cards your own and we'll feel even more love spilling from that envelope when we open it!

P.S. We don't mean to sound ungrateful for the energy and effort you put into sending us your lovely Christmas cards each year. On the contrary, we enjoy perusing the cards very much...to the point of keeping the especially beautiful ones in a collection. And we ALWAYS keep the photo cards...no question!

Just felt the need to rant about patterns we notice in people....that ever-amusing species, whose antics are always worth the price of admission to this show we call life. Although I might be keeping my receipt for the money-back guarantee :-)

Oh, and if you want a professional critique of your Christmas cards without the professional fee, feel free to consult us first!

Winter in Southeastern PA

Baby Girl and I rode bikes this morning. Not a sign of precipitation ANYWHERE. The ice/rain we got earlier in the week has dried up.

Wanted to attach photos of Baby Girl riding her bike and of me petting stray cat gray cat, but my picture card has had enough, I guess. Neither the computer nor the camera can recognize it anymore and the pix from this morning were on there. Time for a new camera picture card!

Eat your heart out snowy mid-westerners!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nice Cake

We had neighbors over for chinese food tonight. One of the fortunes from our fortune cookies read (no lie) "A nice cake is waiting for you."

So we had fun adding the obiligatory "in bed" at the end, which allowed the fortune to make a little more sense :-)

One friend preferred the 'nice cake' to be a biscuit....i liked it being a muffin....and we thought it could be a cupcake or TastyKake, too.

What do you make of this fortune? What EXACTLY is a 'nice cake'? And how would one know when they are 'experiencing' a 'nice cake'?

Not done yet....we were also wondering if asian people even EAT cake? or cheese?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Banner Day

Yesterday was one of the best days we've experienced with Baby Girl, as far as behavior goes.

We ate at a restaurant for lunch and she sat very well, ate all her mac n cheese, colored on her kids menu, and was generally very pleasant.

She helped pick up toys.

She put on jammies without me asking her.

I told Kerrfunk that we musta been doing SOMETHING right the past 4 years! Or, we just happened to have a day when we were ALL on the same wavelength, which only happens as often as solar eclipses.

Guess we're approaching the 'parent-pleasing' years (ages 5-12ish)....then we go back to the fight for independence we experience from ages 2-4. But next time round....she'll be a teenager.

What's the number for that boarding school again?
Kerrfunk has an uncanny knack of defiling some of my favorite foods...simply with the descriptive words he uses for the foods.

Examples so far:

"Look at the VEIN of chocolate in that ice cream!" (okay, never never use the words vein and chocolate in the same sentence again, please!)

and most recently....

"I'm gonna eat the blister off of that cookie." (WHAT??? he's referring to an extra bit of dough attached to the cookie.)

Surely you can understand my disgust!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Baby Girl had a good question tonight.

She asked me how mermaids go to the bathroom.

I guessed that they must go potty like fish. There must be a hole somewhere.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

1970s Rofo Reference

Click this link for the reference to Rofo being, essentially, stuck in the 70s.


Big-time Hollywood in current day 1970s Rofo

So, filming has been taking place in Rofo for Lovely Bones starring Mark Wahlberg. It's due for release in Spring 2009.

You can see evidence of filming with the blue Genie lifts...and mega-watt lights.

Also, the Christmas decorations are part of the movie, too. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the candle decoration (on right side of photo) and the star/bell garland strung across the street. These are VINTAGE decorations brought in for the movie. They've all been removed today.

Stuff like this doesn't happen much in IOWA!!

She's turning into a New Yorker...or IS she?

Took Baby Girl to New York the other day and she fit right in. Notice her gesture in the pictures below!!

Actually she cut her finger and wanted a Band-Aid. But we thought it was funny!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Baby Girl swung on her swing by herself today. She pumped and everything! YAY!

and stray cat Gray Cat let me pet him for awhile today. Aaawwwww.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Talk....already?!?!?!

Baby Girl was looking through an old photo album that contains pictures of my growing belly as she was developing in-utero. Baby Girl said, "Mommy!! I want you to eat a LOT so that I can have a baby sister!"

I gulped and said, "Hmm. Well, that's not exactly how we get babies."

Of course she had to ask, "How do we get babies then?"

And I said something about how Mommy and Daddy get together and then a baby grows in the uterus.

Baby Girl didn't miss a beat when she said, "I'm going to have a husband and I'm going to be at home EVERYDAY until I have a baby."

Well. Guess this will be happening AFTER her gig at Disney?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why I Don't Go To Church :-)

Nancy Grace, who gave birth to twins earlier this month, has been hospitalized with blood clots in her lungs, a complication of her recent pregnancy.

The 48-year-old Headline News talk anchor sought treatment Sunday after she experienced discomfort and began having trouble breathing while on her way to church....

maybe it's not a good idea to have babies at age 48?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

See you at Disney

Baby Girl stated matterly-o-factly last night that she'll miss me when she lives in Florida and works at Disney World.

Very amibitious 4.5 yr. old we have!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here Comes Grimace

Stopped in the McDonald's parking lot to get a picture of the Grimace mural.
Then ate lunch at Taco Bell/KFC.
While eating, an employee from Dunkin' Donuts brought donuts in for the TBKFC workers.
Fun stuff!!!

Cat in the Bag

Came home from shopping for clothing for Baby Girl and lookit what we found in our bag!!!!

Guess we'll keep him.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wet Bottom or Dry?

Who knew that Shoo-fly Pie comes in a wet variety and dry?? Guess those PA Dutch do!!!

Still never had shoo-fly pie or whoopie pie.

Check out the bottom of this blog for other PA-isms compared to the mid-west.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What I'm Reading

So far, so good. Better he than me!!!

Entertaining read. Humorous.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In a Perfect World....by Jason Love

  • pug dogs would have a reasonable amount of skin on their face.
  • boot would rhyme with foot.
  • we'd get paid for the time we spend preparing for, commuting to, talking about, and unwinding from work.
  • radio stations would keep their contest money and play some bloody music.
  • all of a woman's issues could be fixed with WD-40 and duct tape.
  • answering machines would come with a get-to-the-point button.
  • breeding laws would limit couples to one chile per 75 IQ points.
  • atheletes would retire only once.
  • no man, including the husband, would ever be invited to a baby shower.
  • traffic lights would change when we honk at them.
  • OJ Simpson would have married Lorena Bobbitt.
  • priests who hear confessions would get paid the same as shrinks.
  • every driver would understand the Merge Concept.
  • out TV's brightness control would turn up the intelligence.
  • if an officer has to tackle the suspect to make an arrest, the officer would be entitled to three free punches.
  • when people graduate high school, they'd also graduate high school mentality.
  • the game of 'peekaboo' would have an official end.
  • decaf coffee would come in a different color.
  • political speech writers would deliver the speeches.
  • freeways would grow at the same rate as the population.
  • all movies would be formatted to fit your screen without apology or explanation.
  • when a woman gets a permanent, that's it--no changing.
  • lawyers would speak a language that humans understand.
  • walkie-talkie cell phones would exist only in hell, where they were invented.
  • sick days would include when you're sick of work.
  • when teams lose on Fan Appreciation Day, spectators would get their money back.
  • naming your son Sandy would qualify as child abuse.
  • weight gain would be caused not by food but by some undelicious thing like televangelism.
  • the Meyers would get together with the Myers and settle the spelling once and for all.
  • a man and woman would never know which one will end up pregnant.
  • football games would never end on a field goal.
  • we could surgically remove that part of our brain that plays the same snippet of music over and over and over.
  • everyone would die on their one-hundredth birthday while having sex.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pumpkin in Bed

Someone REEELLLLLYYYYY likes her pumpkin.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Milestone

Baby Girl reached another childhood milestone today at the age of 4 1/2. You know the one. It's not one people usually brag about, but adults can usually recall reaching this milestone themselves.

Baby Girl thieved some children's rings (two, to be exact) from a store today. And not just ANY store. It was the United Methodist bookstore called Cokesbury.....a christian store. Yup.

She had been admiring the rings at the back of the store and we looked at them together. Later, when we were in a different area of the store, a worker came over and said, "If it's okay with your mommy and daddy, you may have this ring." It happened to be one of the rings she had been admiring. How nice for Baby Girl!!!

We got home, watched Wizard of Oz, I awoke from my nap, and Baby Girl excitedly showed me her THREE rings! I knew immediately what she had done, but needed to check with Kerrfunk to confirm the situation.

Kerrfunk and I agreed that we needed to discuss this with Baby Girl and return the rings ASAP.

We asked Baby Girl to show us her rings. I asked which one was given to her by the worker and she showed me. Then I asked where she got the other two rings. She said that she took them herself. We explained to her that we were sad about that and needed to return the rings since we didn't pay for them. And she was going to have to return ALL THREE rings. Baby Girl immediately felt the consequences of her actions internally. She became sullen, embarrassed, and ashamed. She didn't want to go back to the store. Kerrfunk points out the power held within those emotions. He says, "If only we could bottle what she's feeling right now." His thinking is that by offering people a preview (of sorts) of those emotions, it might prevent people from committing acts which bring about those emotions.

We went back to the store and found the worker who had interacted with us before. Baby Girl was quiet, so I explained the situation. The worker said she understood and that her own son had done that as a child and again as a grown up (teenager) and he had to visit jail for it. The worker reiterated what we had talked about with Baby Girl....that we don't want her getting into trouble when she's older. The worker also understood the thinking of Baby Girl by telling her that if she had wanted a different color, she could have traded the original ring for a different color.

When out shopping with Baby Girl in the past, I have discussed the importance of always paying for what we want. That we always buy our things, otherwise we could get in trouble. This concept is not foreign to her. But the gray area surrounding the incident can be found when the worker offered the ring to Baby Girl. What I'm not sure of is if Baby Girl had stuck the other two rings in her pocket BEFORE or AFTER the offer of the ring. Hmmmmmm.

I know that I never did this as a kid. NO WAY!!! Kerrfunk said he remembers a couple incidents.

Hopefully this will be the last time for Baby Girl.

And the worker was very gracious. She told Baby Girl that we can come back another time (when Mommy and Daddy are ready) and essentially have a do-over.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Brit's Boys so tender at such a young age

We give comfort and receive comfort. Sometimes at the same time.


This picture says a lot to me. And also leaves me with questions--like, is that a look of terror in their eyes? or glee? Tough call, eh?

From the looks of it, at the very least they'll always have each other.

God Bless mother-Brit. Lord knows I couldn't sanely raise Irish twins either.

Those sweet brothers will be good for each other.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christmas on Last Day of September!

Bought two new bras for myself today at Victoria's Secret. Been awhile since I've purchased from that store. Good quality bras and you certainly PAY for it, too!

two bras = $96.00 total
that's $48/bra
or $24.00/boob/bra

I've gotta start keeping up with inflation. It seems like everything is more expensive than it used to be....which shouldn't be a surprise. But I guess I'm feeling like a typical middle-classer latley, who feels like the family just can't get ahead. Like, we used to be able to afford more things for our money. Ho-hum.

Also purchased a new mattress and box spring this weekend.

So, Kerrfunk and I aren't sure if the new bras are an early Christmas present for him or me.

He wanted the new mattress.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gray Cat

Gray cat, stray cat, has been living amongst our shrubbery since we moved here over one year ago.

I saw her (dunno if she's a she or a he) pretty close up one hot day this summer while I was
trying to retrieve our indoor cat who had escaped and was hiding in the shrubs with her.
Gray Cat didn't look good.

So, I set out a Frisbee of water for her. She now gets a scoop of cat food with milk in one Frisbee and a fresh supply of water in the other Frisbee. She seems pretty comfortable under the bushes, but she also discovered a nice hiding spot under the slide of our swingset.

When it got cold here a few weeks ago I set a towel in that spot to warm the ground a bit for her.

I never paid much attention to Gray Cat in all the months we've lived here, mostly because she runs if we try to approach her. But I always noticed when she was around, which was fairly consistent.

I figure, why not make her stay a little more comfortable?

Saw roadkill in the street the other morning-was worried it might have been Gray Cat until further inspection showed that it was a squirrel. WHEW!!!

Looks like we've made it to number three of the following list of rules!

Strict, Unbending Rules For Dealing With Stray Cats
1. Stray cats will not be fed.
2. Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food.
3. Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food moistened with a little milk.
4. Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food moistened with warm milk, yummy treats and leftover fish scraps.
5. Stray cats will not be encouraged to make this house their permanent residence.
6. Stray cats will not be petted, played with or picked up and cuddled unneccessarily.
7. Stray cats that are petted, played with, picked up and cuddled will absolutely not be given a name.
8. Stray cats with or without a name will not be allowed inside the house at any time.
9. Stray cats will not be allowed inside the house except at certain times.
10. Stray cats will not be allowed inside the house except on days ending in y.
11. Stray cats allowed inside will not be permitted to jump up on or sharpen their claws on the furniture.
12. Sray cats will not be permitted to jump up on, or sharpen claws on the really good furniture. 13. Stray cats will be permitted on all furniture but must sharpen claws on new $114.99 sisal-rope cat-scratching post with three perches.
14. Stray cats will answer the call of nature outdoors in the sand.
15. Stray cats will answer the call of nature in the three-piece, high-impact plastic tray filled with Fresh n Sweet kitty litter.
16. Stray cats will answer the call of nature in the hooded litter pan with a three-panel privacy screen and plenty of head room.
17. Stray cats will sleep outside.
18. Stray cats will sleep in the garage.
19. Stray cats will sleep in the house.
20. Stray cats will sleep in a cardboard box lined with an old blanket.
21. Stray cats will sleep in the special Kitty-Komfort-Bed with non-allergenic lambs wool pillow. 22. Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed.
23. Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed, except at the foot.
24. Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed under the covers.
25. Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed under the covers except at the foot.
26. Stray cats will not play on the desk.
27. Stray cats will not play on the desk near the computer.
28. Stray cats are forbidden to walk on the computer keyboard on the desk when the human is asdfjjhhkl;ljfd.;oier puyykmm4hbdm9lo9jmdskdm,. USING IT.

Speaking of Phone Booths

Love this movie box because of the twin towers.

Phone Booth

The last existing phone booth in the world is near one of our favorite lunch spots.

Oldie Goodies

Ahhh, the things you find when cleaning out the church craft closet.

Pipe Cleaner Uses

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bringing You Down With Me

You know those mean, nasty people who use the express checkout lane at the grocery store to buy their $90 worth of groceries?

Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I've now joined the ranks among them.

It's easy to do when you're at the grosh on a Sunday evening (and 1. Sundays aren't the high point of your week 2. grocery shopping isn't the highlight of your anything 3. you have to go grocery shopping this time to pick up those things from the list that your husband just can't pick out for you) and you spy that lane with the smallest line.

I honestly had no clue (which, if you know me, isn't hard to fathom) until the checkout girl nicely said, "Next time you should only have 15 items or less for the express lane."

To which I stammered, "OMG! I didn't even THINK about it or realize I came into this lane! I'm so sorry."

To which she replied, "The express lane is usually the first one...after the self-checkouts."

Well, DUH!!! I know that......but, but, but I was focused on a short line :-)

There was a good point in this experience, however, which was being able to get out of the house without 4 yr-old in tow for about an hour.

That, in itself, is a little victory!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wake Up Call

Every once in awhile this topic comes up in conversation or in a church sermon. The topic is that of how, "How are you?" is asked in a rushed way with the asker not really waiting for an answer.

My take on this is that "How are you?" is a meant to be taken as simply a greeting. Nothing more, nothing less. The asker probably ISN'T expecting a long drawn out response. The responder shouldn't be expecting to provide a long response.

Get over yourself, don't be offended if the asker keeps walking, and just take it as a greeting, like "hello". A simple "fine" response is really what both parties in the exchange are expecting/used to. Save the in-depth dialogue for a time when you're not passing each other in the hallway, etc. etc.

The asker isn't REALLY asking "how are you?" It's actually kinda a rhetorical question. No offense should be taken if a person doesn't stop to find out how you REALLY are every morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Medieval Tavern Brawling for Men....NEW!!!

It's that time of year again! We received our Owen J. Roberts Adult Ed course list in the mail this week. You'll remember this from earlier in the year because of the Goatmilk Soap Making Parts I & II courses offered during the Spring session (see post from February 2, 2007).

Good News! Those courses were SUCH a smashing success that they're being offered again for the Fall session, along with this other gem-of-an-adult-ed-class....be sure to register now!


Off Campus Spring City
Sat 4:30PM to 5:30PM
Sept 22, 29; Oct 6, 13, 20, 27; Nov 3, 10 $90.00
Dave Dickey, Live Steel Fight

Medieval taverns were a special part of social life for men. The tavern was a
gathering place to exchange ideas, meet friends, discuss politics, drink and of
course there was the tavern brawl. Weapons of the day are explored as well as
unarmed fighting and discussions on the types of liquor that was consumed
then. If you are a man who likes a good bar and would like to learn some cool
medieval fight moves, this class is for you! Must be 21 years of age or older.
Dress comfortable. Bring towel and water.
I'm just wondering what the towel is for??

And in case you want to register or are questioning the validity of this course click here and scroll down.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lots of Colorings & TAPE

Baby Girl is being very artistic lately. She's been enjoying coloring princesses and fairies.

And then she MUST hang them on the wall.

Apparently with LOTS of tape.

I think this one's secure.

A Girl?

Baby Girl is being very artistic lately.....more coming.

Old Neighbors

You learn something new about your friends everyday.

Just got home from a visit with old neighbors who now have three (!) kids. Their oldest is Baby Girl's age and also her first friend. We were swapping stories about the joys of parenthood-- you know the ones...not sleeping in EVER again, sixteen-hour days home alone with three kids, etc. etc.

I commented, "Well, you guys were the ones who wanted three (!) kids!"

Mike shot back, "Yeah, but....not all the time!"

It was perfect!!!

And what I learned during this visit that fascinated me most is that this household does not have (what I would consider) baking essentials, such flour, baking soda, etc. etc.

And, it was my friend's first time making banana bread. She explained that they had acquired a bunch of suddenly very-ripe bananas. She asked her mother about a banana bread recipe, and if she could borrow her mother's baking essentials, since she doesn't keep them stocked in the house.

When I commented, "I can't believe you don't have flour in this house!" , Mike (again) replied, "Uhh, What for?"


Kerrfunk and I explained that we, personally, find it helpful to use flour for baking cookies and making pancakes.

You know...it's just sometimes handy to have that sort of stuff hanging around the house :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

God Hovers

Today at Movie Church the guest pastor said that he thinks the first thing that God did in the bible was hover. He explained that God comes into things that are

to create
God hovers, then dives in.
That's....hover....not Hoover. God's not vacuuming....at least not today.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Freestyle Table Cleaning

While helping me make choco chip cookies, Baby Girl decided that her skills would best be utilized by wiping the table. As she was doing that, she was doing some funny 'moves'. She said, "Mom, get the camera!" Then she posed this way for me.

Who knew table cleaning could be so dynamic?

Friday, August 10, 2007

It'll Be Here Before You Know It!

Christmas, that is....

I keep telling Kerrfunk that it's true...Christmas will be here before we know it. I think he's finally starting to believe me.

Baby Girl, on the other hand, has the childhood concept of time. When days drag on for weeks, and Christmas and summer vacation can't get here soon enough.

She told me the other day, "Christmas is taking a long time to get here!"

I told her my mantra, "It'll be here before you know it!" Knowing that to her, it really does feel like forever until it arrives again.

It also doesn't help that she begs for everything she sees in the stores when we're out shopping, and my solution is to tell her, "Okay. I'll add it to your Christmas list."

I also change it up with, "Okay. We'll tell Grandma and Grandpa you want that. Maybe they'll get it for you?!" Lately she responds with, "Can Grandma and Grandpa bring it to me TODAY?" (mind you, we live 1,000 miles away from the grandparents)

The items I am to write on the Christmas list don't always get written down. I tend to hope that Baby Girl will forget all about what she saw at the store, as she moves on to coveting the next big thing. But I try to remember her wish list in the back of my head....just in case. She is getting to an age where she can remember what she asked for and can be disappointed.

They're Sewn On!

Baby Girl was flipping through channels on the TV the other night and, being the 'little woman' that she is, stopped on the home shopping channel to gaze at the ring that was being sold at the time.

We started discussing rings. It went something like this....

Baby Girl, "I want a ring like that one."

Me, "Okay. When you graduate high school or something, we can probably get you a ring."

The conversation continued and led to the topic of weddings and wedding rings.

Baby Girl, "That ring (on left ring finger) is sewn on. You never take it off."

Me, "Oh! That's right, I guess."

Baby Girl, "Daddy's is sewn on, too."

And I asked her what it means to be married or be a wife. Of course, she said she didn't know.

But she talks about weddings and being married alot, all thanks to Disney Princesses!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dog Care vs. Child Care

Okay, let me get this straight. I can go into a hospital and birth a baby, take baby to doctor a few times initially, then once a year (barring any unexpected illnesses) after the first year.

I get a dog and I have to

1. purchase an $8.00 county license for her collar
2. provide proof of rabies vaccination
3. administer heartworm protection each month
4. administer flea/tick control each month

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit about the care of a dog, because I continue to discover that it's 100% easier than care of a child. I don't mind the dog following me around all day because the dog isn't equipped to provide the constant chatter of a child.

I just find it interesting all the actions required to protect your dog, while anyone can 'mindlessly' have a child without licensure or required montly care of the child, etc. etc.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Wedding Shoes

Baby Girl's "wedding shoes" wore out, so we bought her a new pair at Target.

She's such a romantic like her Daddy.

She's really hard on shoes. Good thing she LOVES buying them.

old shoes here

Yes, I've said that she's four years old. Please don't remind me.

new shoes here

Wisdom for the Ages

A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.

These are the immortal words of a friend from work. How true it is.

Careful what you say whilst drunk. Could come back to haunt you.

Moving to Canada

Saw Michael Moore's SiCKO tonight. It was classic Michael Moore and, just like all his other movies, this film convinced me to move to Canada RIGHT NOW!

As I've read online about the film, he continues to preach to the choir. Still need to poke around online and read negative press/behind the scenes coverage of this film and try to make sense of everything in my feeble little mind.

He does take sick 911 rescue workers into Cuba, and having worked with Cubans in the past I remember hearing that they were non-plussed by the health care they received while living in Cuba. That could be due to the image they maintained of USA being the end all-be all of everything that's good and wonderful and better than Castro-run Cuba; and they hadn't really had to deal with our health care system since being in America. I do remember Clary telling me of house visits by the doctors, etc. etc. And she did lose one of her twins during child birth, or a few days later while still in the hospital. I chalked it up to poor neo-natal care, but the US of A doesn't necessarily have the best health care 'system' as we all know. Medical advances, yes; system of patient treatment, no. Clary has since had a child in America and everything went smoothly. They did have some sort of (government?) medical assistance, since our workplace at the time did not offer health insurance.

Anyway, if you're a Michael Moore fan you should definitely check this film out!

I'm gonna start packing my bags. Canada or Bust, Baby!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Employing Child Labor

Here's a picture of the child labor that we employ.

Baby Girl has been a big helper today. She helped me mop the floors and wash the cars. She actually insists on helping to do these chores, because she thinks they're fun. We're taking advantage of that while we can :-)

Her added incentive is that any chores she does beyond her usual (making bed, picking up toys, putting silverware away, helping with laundry) allows her the opportunity to pick one of her confiscated toys out of the bin that Mom and Dad put toys in when they are neglected to be picked up. She loves being able to pick out an old toy and we think it helps her learn a non-monetary reward system appropriate for her age. She'll eventually receive a standard allowance just for being a contributing member of the household. And, again, any chores attempted/completed beyond what's typically expected will be reward with additional money. (Parenting with Love and Logic concept)


This picture says it all.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Went to Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4). It was pretty good. The usual Die Hard action and I was able to follow it pretty well.

The Mac guy (see left), from the commercials with the Mac and PC guys, was Bruce Willis' sidekick.

And Silent Bob (of Jay and Silent Bob, Dogma fame) had a pretty significant speaking part, too!

It was very nice watching Bruce Willis.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wedding Flowers

These are the flowers (white clover) that Baby Girl picked for her 'wedding'. It was late June and she announced that she was going outside to pick flowers for her wedding to Jamie (a kid at the sitter's).
She's 4.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Hero, Missus Uh-Wiggins

I know, I know. I have lofty ambitions if Mrs. Wiggins is my hero, but I LOVED watching Carol Burnett play Mrs. Wiggins on the Carol Burnett Show. She was SUCH an airhead. I loved it!! And the way she filed her nails and sharpened a pencil....pure genius!!! This was the only picture I could find of Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) and Missus Uh-Wiggins. I should indulge in buying one of the DVD seasons of the show. I miss it!!!

This was just something stuffed into the far recesses of my cluttered mind. Don't know why it decided to surface today. Guess it's my image of office workers and how I AM an office worker now. Stuff of youth? Who knows?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Three Movies in Three Days

Saw Evan Almighty on Thursday (06-28-07) with Kerrfunk. It was cute, good, but not as funny as Bruce Almighty. Still recommendable, though. Kids would like it with the animals.

Saw Ratatouille on Friday night with Baby Girl. It was also cute, good, predictable. Recommended, though some of the dialogue might be hard to understand with the French accent.

Saw Knocked Up on Saturday night, by my lonesome (love it!). It was pretty good. R-rating, so lots of F-bombs dropped. Had some significant topics to my current life about still being young, balancing marriage, motherhood, and having fun. I would maybe see it again.

Next up Michael Moore's Sicko and License to Wed (Robin Williams/John K). Also saw previews for what looked to be some good movies coming up.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is My Chair

This is my chair.
Go away and sit somewhere else.
This one is all my own.
It is the only thing in your house that I possess
And insist upon possessing.
Everything else therein is yours.
My dish,
My toys,
My basket,
My scratching post and my Ping-Pong ball;
You provided them for me.
This chair I selected for myself.
I like it,
It suits me.
You have the sofa,
The stuffed chair
And the footstool.
I don't go and sit on them do I?
Then why cannot you leave me mine,
And let us have no further argument?
Paul Gallico from the book The Great Cat -poems about cats, Everyman's Library Pocket Poets.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eventful Night

Had an eventful night last night that started off with us taking the 'walk of shame' out of the pool since Baby Girl had some diarrhea. It was mostly in her swim suit, but the manager had to clean some off of the deck, too. We were required to leave, of course.

Got home and were enjoying a quiet evening on the back step. Brought Baby Girl some water in a purple cup and went inside for something. Next thing, I heard her shooing what I thought was a fly away. Then she screamed. Turns out there were yellow-jackets swarming. I went out to see what was going on, got stung on my second toe, figured out they were swarming, scooped up Baby Girl, and ran into the house.

She ended up with a sting on her left index finger and left cheek. She cried and cried. Poor Baby Girl. My toe sting STILL hurts. She did settle down while watching Lord of the Rings with Daddy.

Investigation this morning showed that the yellow jackets have a nest under the back step. I sprayed it, but will probably have to re-apply tonight. I thought maybe they were after the purple cup I had brought out.

OUCH!!! Those buggars hurt!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mommy is an Old, Old Woman

Talking to Baby Girl about death, since three of our tadpoles were discovered dead this afternoon*. I told her we would dump them out over the spot where Pooh-Bear Kitty was buried.

She asked, "When will I see Pooh-Bear again?"

I said, "When you go to heaven, you'll see Pooh-Bear."

She said, "When do I go to heaven?"

I said, "When you die."

She asked, "When will I die?"

I told her, "Not until you're an old, old woman."

Baby Girl then said, so very innocently "Like YOU, Mommy???"

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Kerrfunk got to hear the entire exchange and thought that I had the perfect set up for her to say that.

So, the story about the tadpoles....

*Came home from the swimming pool this afternoon to find all three of our remaining tadpoles having gone belly-up. Two of them were on the fast track to becoming frogs....they had all four legs already.

Not sure what the variable was that made them die. I changed their water within the last two days, using the same water procedure as I had been using. The house was (surprisingly) cool, so that wouldn't have been a factor. Don't think Rudy would've kilt them. And they had plenty of food. I suspect something with the water....

Bummer. We have one frog out of four tadpoles.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What'd You Say Your Name Is Again?

God's last name may not be 'Damn', but Jesus' middle name is Hallowed.

"Jesus H. Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's what the H. stands for!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pity Men and the Women Who Have to Handle Them

the following is an email response I sent to a friend and it's said with all due respect to my dear, sweet husband...who has been through 7.5 yrs. of training and gets closer to completion each day.

kerrfunk may not have told you yet, but he's one of the many born with a birth defect.....the Y chromosome!!!!!!!!!!!!

All men need assistance in this area that you so accurately describe: "but sometimes it feels like he is so difficult to communicate with and get through to.--due to his selective hearing and selective comprehension"

in reality, men are just different creatures than women. studies show that women use twice as many words as men througout a day. so, we're essentially bombarding men with our words...their 'feeble' minds can't keep up!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's how i like to think about it. and men (typically) just aren't on the same emotional wavelength as women. poor things.....

I get frustrated with GOD sometimes because men and women ARE so different. it's like a cruel joke!!! men reach their sexual peak at age 18...women in their 30s. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE???!?!?! when one's ready, the other isn't!!!!!!!!!!! gee, thanks, god.

also, men's brains could be likened to waffles, while women's are like spaghetti. men are able to compartmentalize everything in their lives. keep everything separate, not let one thing interfere with another. women, on the other hand, have emotions running thru everything, everyday of their lives. one thing in life affects something else, so on and so on. for women, it's kinda like everything is intertwined. again, another cruel joke from GOD!!!!!

Handling men...it's a tough job, but women are strong enough to do it!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Can my husband please back into my car?

i think i would LOVE that.

oh...wait.....he just did.


missed the front headlight, that's good. but put a nice dent above the wheel.

i told him that now everyone's gonna think i got into a bar fight and hit something with my car on the way home.


And it gets even better....

The reason kerrfunk backed into my car was because he was going to the store...because he was hungry for chocolate. He was going to pick up a giant Hershey candy bar along with the other stuff on our list. Well, when he got home he said, "They didn't even have Moosetracks (ice cream)." I said, "So?? We've got some in the other freezer." He couldn't believe he forgot.

Then I asked, "What about the candybar? That's why you had to go to the store in the first place." He forgot all about getting a candybar.

After all that, he came home with Oreos and chocolate ice cream.

He thinks he'll eat the whole package of oreos. I told him that at this point, I don't blame him.

Nice. Very Nice.

Sometimes HE'S SUCH A WOMAN. I think we've got our roles reversed!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

4 Tadpoles

Raising four tadpoles.

No legs yet.

They eat boiled lettuce.

I think they'll survive as long as Rudy doesn't knock their bowl onto the floor.