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Friday, August 10, 2007

It'll Be Here Before You Know It!

Christmas, that is....

I keep telling Kerrfunk that it's true...Christmas will be here before we know it. I think he's finally starting to believe me.

Baby Girl, on the other hand, has the childhood concept of time. When days drag on for weeks, and Christmas and summer vacation can't get here soon enough.

She told me the other day, "Christmas is taking a long time to get here!"

I told her my mantra, "It'll be here before you know it!" Knowing that to her, it really does feel like forever until it arrives again.

It also doesn't help that she begs for everything she sees in the stores when we're out shopping, and my solution is to tell her, "Okay. I'll add it to your Christmas list."

I also change it up with, "Okay. We'll tell Grandma and Grandpa you want that. Maybe they'll get it for you?!" Lately she responds with, "Can Grandma and Grandpa bring it to me TODAY?" (mind you, we live 1,000 miles away from the grandparents)

The items I am to write on the Christmas list don't always get written down. I tend to hope that Baby Girl will forget all about what she saw at the store, as she moves on to coveting the next big thing. But I try to remember her wish list in the back of my head....just in case. She is getting to an age where she can remember what she asked for and can be disappointed.

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