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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Old Neighbors

You learn something new about your friends everyday.

Just got home from a visit with old neighbors who now have three (!) kids. Their oldest is Baby Girl's age and also her first friend. We were swapping stories about the joys of parenthood-- you know the ones...not sleeping in EVER again, sixteen-hour days home alone with three kids, etc. etc.

I commented, "Well, you guys were the ones who wanted three (!) kids!"

Mike shot back, "Yeah, but....not all the time!"

It was perfect!!!

And what I learned during this visit that fascinated me most is that this household does not have (what I would consider) baking essentials, such flour, baking soda, etc. etc.

And, it was my friend's first time making banana bread. She explained that they had acquired a bunch of suddenly very-ripe bananas. She asked her mother about a banana bread recipe, and if she could borrow her mother's baking essentials, since she doesn't keep them stocked in the house.

When I commented, "I can't believe you don't have flour in this house!" , Mike (again) replied, "Uhh, What for?"


Kerrfunk and I explained that we, personally, find it helpful to use flour for baking cookies and making pancakes.

You know...it's just sometimes handy to have that sort of stuff hanging around the house :-)

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old neighbors said...

you are too funny... your stories were right on. i am glad you find the hubby so humorous, most do... i can only take it in spirts:) I also like the part with the girls being "first" friends..i couldn't of said it better myself... we had a lot of fun.. always just fun to gossip and laugh!!!!!