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Friday, August 10, 2007

They're Sewn On!

Baby Girl was flipping through channels on the TV the other night and, being the 'little woman' that she is, stopped on the home shopping channel to gaze at the ring that was being sold at the time.

We started discussing rings. It went something like this....

Baby Girl, "I want a ring like that one."

Me, "Okay. When you graduate high school or something, we can probably get you a ring."

The conversation continued and led to the topic of weddings and wedding rings.

Baby Girl, "That ring (on left ring finger) is sewn on. You never take it off."

Me, "Oh! That's right, I guess."

Baby Girl, "Daddy's is sewn on, too."

And I asked her what it means to be married or be a wife. Of course, she said she didn't know.

But she talks about weddings and being married alot, all thanks to Disney Princesses!!!

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