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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Can my husband please back into my car?

i think i would LOVE that.

oh...wait.....he just did.


missed the front headlight, that's good. but put a nice dent above the wheel.

i told him that now everyone's gonna think i got into a bar fight and hit something with my car on the way home.


And it gets even better....

The reason kerrfunk backed into my car was because he was going to the store...because he was hungry for chocolate. He was going to pick up a giant Hershey candy bar along with the other stuff on our list. Well, when he got home he said, "They didn't even have Moosetracks (ice cream)." I said, "So?? We've got some in the other freezer." He couldn't believe he forgot.

Then I asked, "What about the candybar? That's why you had to go to the store in the first place." He forgot all about getting a candybar.

After all that, he came home with Oreos and chocolate ice cream.

He thinks he'll eat the whole package of oreos. I told him that at this point, I don't blame him.

Nice. Very Nice.

Sometimes HE'S SUCH A WOMAN. I think we've got our roles reversed!!!!


Kerrfunk said...

mea maxima culpa

we don't, by the way, have moosetracks ice cream.

and I did get eggs... :)

Sweetpeabart said...

I could swear we had more moosetracks in the freezer.

I guess even I make mistakes sometimes. Yup, you read that right...i make mistakes :-)

Yes, he DID get eggs.