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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pity Men and the Women Who Have to Handle Them

the following is an email response I sent to a friend and it's said with all due respect to my dear, sweet husband...who has been through 7.5 yrs. of training and gets closer to completion each day.

kerrfunk may not have told you yet, but he's one of the many born with a birth defect.....the Y chromosome!!!!!!!!!!!!

All men need assistance in this area that you so accurately describe: "but sometimes it feels like he is so difficult to communicate with and get through to.--due to his selective hearing and selective comprehension"

in reality, men are just different creatures than women. studies show that women use twice as many words as men througout a day. so, we're essentially bombarding men with our words...their 'feeble' minds can't keep up!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's how i like to think about it. and men (typically) just aren't on the same emotional wavelength as women. poor things.....

I get frustrated with GOD sometimes because men and women ARE so different. it's like a cruel joke!!! men reach their sexual peak at age 18...women in their 30s. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE???!?!?! when one's ready, the other isn't!!!!!!!!!!! gee, thanks, god.

also, men's brains could be likened to waffles, while women's are like spaghetti. men are able to compartmentalize everything in their lives. keep everything separate, not let one thing interfere with another. women, on the other hand, have emotions running thru everything, everyday of their lives. one thing in life affects something else, so on and so on. for women, it's kinda like everything is intertwined. again, another cruel joke from GOD!!!!!

Handling men...it's a tough job, but women are strong enough to do it!!!!

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