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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Moving to Canada

Saw Michael Moore's SiCKO tonight. It was classic Michael Moore and, just like all his other movies, this film convinced me to move to Canada RIGHT NOW!

As I've read online about the film, he continues to preach to the choir. Still need to poke around online and read negative press/behind the scenes coverage of this film and try to make sense of everything in my feeble little mind.

He does take sick 911 rescue workers into Cuba, and having worked with Cubans in the past I remember hearing that they were non-plussed by the health care they received while living in Cuba. That could be due to the image they maintained of USA being the end all-be all of everything that's good and wonderful and better than Castro-run Cuba; and they hadn't really had to deal with our health care system since being in America. I do remember Clary telling me of house visits by the doctors, etc. etc. And she did lose one of her twins during child birth, or a few days later while still in the hospital. I chalked it up to poor neo-natal care, but the US of A doesn't necessarily have the best health care 'system' as we all know. Medical advances, yes; system of patient treatment, no. Clary has since had a child in America and everything went smoothly. They did have some sort of (government?) medical assistance, since our workplace at the time did not offer health insurance.

Anyway, if you're a Michael Moore fan you should definitely check this film out!

I'm gonna start packing my bags. Canada or Bust, Baby!

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