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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Three Movies in Three Days

Saw Evan Almighty on Thursday (06-28-07) with Kerrfunk. It was cute, good, but not as funny as Bruce Almighty. Still recommendable, though. Kids would like it with the animals.

Saw Ratatouille on Friday night with Baby Girl. It was also cute, good, predictable. Recommended, though some of the dialogue might be hard to understand with the French accent.

Saw Knocked Up on Saturday night, by my lonesome (love it!). It was pretty good. R-rating, so lots of F-bombs dropped. Had some significant topics to my current life about still being young, balancing marriage, motherhood, and having fun. I would maybe see it again.

Next up Michael Moore's Sicko and License to Wed (Robin Williams/John K). Also saw previews for what looked to be some good movies coming up.

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