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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Hero, Missus Uh-Wiggins

I know, I know. I have lofty ambitions if Mrs. Wiggins is my hero, but I LOVED watching Carol Burnett play Mrs. Wiggins on the Carol Burnett Show. She was SUCH an airhead. I loved it!! And the way she filed her nails and sharpened a pencil....pure genius!!! This was the only picture I could find of Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) and Missus Uh-Wiggins. I should indulge in buying one of the DVD seasons of the show. I miss it!!!

This was just something stuffed into the far recesses of my cluttered mind. Don't know why it decided to surface today. Guess it's my image of office workers and how I AM an office worker now. Stuff of youth? Who knows?

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Erika said...

OMG! Melissa that is my all time FAVORITE Carol Burnett skit. I used to watch that show with my Nana in her king size bed, eating popcorn. Awww, I'm gonna cry. I miss her. That was always something we watched together. That and The Rockford Files and Animal Kingdom . . .hahahaha! That's for helping me remember.