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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Employing Child Labor

Here's a picture of the child labor that we employ.

Baby Girl has been a big helper today. She helped me mop the floors and wash the cars. She actually insists on helping to do these chores, because she thinks they're fun. We're taking advantage of that while we can :-)

Her added incentive is that any chores she does beyond her usual (making bed, picking up toys, putting silverware away, helping with laundry) allows her the opportunity to pick one of her confiscated toys out of the bin that Mom and Dad put toys in when they are neglected to be picked up. She loves being able to pick out an old toy and we think it helps her learn a non-monetary reward system appropriate for her age. She'll eventually receive a standard allowance just for being a contributing member of the household. And, again, any chores attempted/completed beyond what's typically expected will be reward with additional money. (Parenting with Love and Logic concept)

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