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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christmas on Last Day of September!

Bought two new bras for myself today at Victoria's Secret. Been awhile since I've purchased from that store. Good quality bras and you certainly PAY for it, too!

two bras = $96.00 total
that's $48/bra
or $24.00/boob/bra

I've gotta start keeping up with inflation. It seems like everything is more expensive than it used to be....which shouldn't be a surprise. But I guess I'm feeling like a typical middle-classer latley, who feels like the family just can't get ahead. Like, we used to be able to afford more things for our money. Ho-hum.

Also purchased a new mattress and box spring this weekend.

So, Kerrfunk and I aren't sure if the new bras are an early Christmas present for him or me.

He wanted the new mattress.

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