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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bringing You Down With Me

You know those mean, nasty people who use the express checkout lane at the grocery store to buy their $90 worth of groceries?

Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I've now joined the ranks among them.

It's easy to do when you're at the grosh on a Sunday evening (and 1. Sundays aren't the high point of your week 2. grocery shopping isn't the highlight of your anything 3. you have to go grocery shopping this time to pick up those things from the list that your husband just can't pick out for you) and you spy that lane with the smallest line.

I honestly had no clue (which, if you know me, isn't hard to fathom) until the checkout girl nicely said, "Next time you should only have 15 items or less for the express lane."

To which I stammered, "OMG! I didn't even THINK about it or realize I came into this lane! I'm so sorry."

To which she replied, "The express lane is usually the first one...after the self-checkouts."

Well, DUH!!! I know that......but, but, but I was focused on a short line :-)

There was a good point in this experience, however, which was being able to get out of the house without 4 yr-old in tow for about an hour.

That, in itself, is a little victory!

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