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Friday, September 7, 2007

Wake Up Call

Every once in awhile this topic comes up in conversation or in a church sermon. The topic is that of how, "How are you?" is asked in a rushed way with the asker not really waiting for an answer.

My take on this is that "How are you?" is a meant to be taken as simply a greeting. Nothing more, nothing less. The asker probably ISN'T expecting a long drawn out response. The responder shouldn't be expecting to provide a long response.

Get over yourself, don't be offended if the asker keeps walking, and just take it as a greeting, like "hello". A simple "fine" response is really what both parties in the exchange are expecting/used to. Save the in-depth dialogue for a time when you're not passing each other in the hallway, etc. etc.

The asker isn't REALLY asking "how are you?" It's actually kinda a rhetorical question. No offense should be taken if a person doesn't stop to find out how you REALLY are every morning.

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Kerrfunk said...

So I'm trying (and probably miserably failing) to reprogram myself so that I don't use that question as a greeting unless I actually mean to ask it as a question.