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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yup, Proof that I'm 30

I was trying to heat up some chicken nuggets and fries in the toaster oven for Baby Girl's supper. I had the food in the oven, the temp set, and the timer on. The timer dinged after the first 7ish minutes but the food was still icy.

That's when I realized....wait for it, wait for it....I hadn't plugged the darn thing in!!!

These things need to come equipped with a notice, or something, letting you know when you haven't plugged it in. GEESH!!! And to think that the timer ticking away gives such a false sense of security!

But, I guess most people don't need a reminder to plug the thing in first.

Maybe Alzheimer's is setting in already?!?! What's next? Leaving a pot of food cooking on the stovetop for hours on end, just to boil down to nothing and start the house on fire?
Well, I'll try to save that excitement for next year.

AAAAHHHH the twenties. I'm gonna miss you guys.

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