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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Party Planner at Work

As soon as Baby Girl's 4th-Ariel-ScoobyDoo birthday was over, she was talking about her next birthday party theme, which she says is to be a Jasmine birthday party. She said today that she might like a purple cake.

I don't think Disney has Jasmine-specific party supplies like I could find for Ariel. Jasmine is always with the other princesses. A result of being a minority princess, I guess.

Baby Girl also coordinated Daddy's birthday. She directed him to sit in the special birthday chair and she brought presents to him for opening. She wanted everything to be just right for him!

Baby Girl is certainly the party planner.

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Kerrfunk said...

Let's not forget some of the presents Baby Girl gave Daddy... Several toys from her dollhouse, wrapped up in socks. Dirty socks.

Later that night she asked if she could have one of her little dolls back :)