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Saturday, May 26, 2007

POTC 3 Film Broke at End!!!!!

Saw my boyfriend on (what I guess they're calling) pre-opening night...Thursay. The 8:00 showing was already sold-out, so we hit the 8:25 show, which was also pretty well sold-out.

Great movie. You can read all about it in wiki, but watch for spoilers. They got back to the style of the first movie after using the second movie to introduce Davy Jones and move the plot along.

Of all the luck, the film broke at the very end. We really didn't think we missed much ending, but after reading wiki and reading posts at online boards we think we missed a good 10 minutes of the end.

Just a good reason why I might have to go to see it again!
Oh, and we did receive re-admission tickets. Maybe use those to see Ratatouille in June.

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