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Monday, May 7, 2007

Milestone Birthday Includes Bar Fight!!

My milestone birthday was today. Whew! Did I really survive it?
It really has been a few fun days leading up to it, though. Started out on Friday night at Texas Roadhouse where I got to ride "the saddle". It was meant for my friend who was also celebrating a milestone birthday (older, I might add). But we didn't know which one of us it was for, so I got on. Provided some laughs when I asked, "How do I get off?" Always glad to provide a chuckle at the risk of looking like a complete idiot (which isn't hard for me to do).

After Roadhouse we headed a local dive bar where our group proceeded to be the victims of a bar fight. Although it was very exciting and entertaining (and a bit scary), I won't go into many details. Just know that the bar fight involved the following things: coin bouncing, piano playing, magic tricks, beer, wedding in October, big boobs, 90 acres, counseling, disheveled glasses, a good clocking, a kitchen passage-way, beer bottle and baseball bat in hand, and regrouping at the parsonage. YEAH BABY!!!! Use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

Saturday was spent in South Street Phila and El Rodeo for Cinco de Mayo.

Sunday was pretty much sleep day.

Today was work, then came home to a scavenger hunt for all the cards I received for the "card bomb" or "card shower," if you prefer. We think there are over 100 cards! WOW!! And thanks to everyone. I'm having a great time opening them. It's so heart warming to know that so many people would put the effort into selecting, writing, and sending a card to me. Very thoughtful!

Hubby dun good.

The best part of my birthday happened tonight when Kerrfunk and Baby Girl sang happy bithday to me and I cried. I really must be turning into an old sap.

But it was all so SWEET (well, except for the bar fight part)!!!!


Denny said...

you forgot to mention landscaping and annoying loser

Sweetpeabart said...

That's right!! How could I forget those!?!?!

Hard at work, I see. You must be bored.