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Saturday, April 7, 2007

First McDonald's with Me

Sashi and I ate at McDonald's together for the FIRST time last night! She has eaten McDonald's once or twice before with the babysitter, but this is the first time I have taken her; and we sat inside and ate! I also got pix on my cell phone of the occasion!

This blog entry from Mothers on the Verge describes my husband's (and his family's) disdain for the "sweet mana from heaven" that I like to call McDonald's. ENJOY!!!!

p.s. I DID see the film Supersize Me and it ruined my life..... :-)

******the following post is from Mothers on the Verge*****
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Call social services! My wife took our child to McDonalds
I am furious. No, that's an understatement. I am f*cking livid. YLM took Firstborn to the temple of corporate and dietary evil. But that's not the bad bit. I mean we did get take-outs once in the 4 years since her birth but only because there was no other available alternative at the time and I only let them eat chips. No, the mortal sin was that she let Firstborn eat a hamburger. My poor, innocent child that I try to keep nutritionally pure has been polluted. And I know that the only reason YLM went there was to satisfy her own weak and depraved appetite. She sacrificed our child's safety (nutritionaly speaking) to satisfy her own selfish desires. Surely that's child abuse. Firstborn got a happy meal that inluded a cheap, brightly coloured toy. Perfectly innocent you might say. But no, that's what they want you to think. The problem now is that firstborn will begin to associate McDonalds with pleasure, with reward. We are now on the slipery slope to chilhood obesity, poor educational performance, low moral fibre and all the other evils imposed on society by fast-food culture. Before we know it Firstborn will be a chav single mum living off benefits on a council estate in Slough or living in a crack den in Peckam. See link below for Firstborn's future boyfriends/fathers of my grandchildren:

******** the previous post was from Mothers on the Verge *******


Kerrfunk said...

I saw the movie "Supersize Me" and think it should be required viewing in middle schools around the country. Saved my life ;)

YLM said...

Hi, it's YLM here from Mothers on the Verge. I saw that you referenced Alpha's rant about MaccyD's when MM and I were foolish enough to give over blog control to our other halves for a week a while ago (like, never again).

I got it in full force this week. My position is, so what, once in a while is no biggie; anyway, it's cheap, it's convenient, it's easier to deal with than a hunger-induced tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre, and I salve my conscience by making them eat a bag of carrot sticks along with the fries etc. It's an all round winner.

Sadly, after this week's foodie transgression Firstborn gave the game away, even though she had been sworn to secrecy, and piped up (with a sly look at me the little minx) "Guess where we went to lunch today daddy?" Darn it.

Viva la junk food! A little bit of it now and then is good for the soul.