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Saturday, April 7, 2007


In an email exchange with friends about the misery of parenting, I was quick to point out the things no one ever tells soon-to-be parents about parenting. Things like catching your kid's vomit so it doesn't get all over everything in site and cleaning up potty accidents--I know this list was longer, but I'm not recalling it all now.

One friend replied, "Hey! Sounds like a typical weekend out with my friends!" It was perfect!

And it reminded me of this quotation from Johnny Depp:
"[My son's] a hellcat, boy, he's something. The best training you can have for toddlers is having spent a number of years hanging out with drunks. Helping them walk, cleaning up their vomit, putting ice on their head when they fall and smack it on the table; the uncontrollable rage and tears and joy all in, like, ten seconds. He's just a cool little drunk. "(2003) http://www.deppimpact.com/quotes.html

Thank you, Johnny. Couldn't have said it better myself! It's so true!!!!


Jacquie said...

Yay Johnny- I agree. Our little maniac has been insane this weekend. We were seriously thinking about going to Nina's house, sitting him on the porch, ringing the bell and running like hell, but it was just too cold to risk it. Oi! So-- also just a thought about the fast food stuff- if that is all it takes to send them to obesity land (a few "chicken" nuggets and a french fry or two) then Jamie would be huge rather than a petite, healthy runner girl who once in a while like the mc'ds or taco hell. Scott and i just can't get into a knot about that considering all of the evils of life. Eat veggies when you can- excercise often- and once in a while- let the kid eat junk. they'll have to learn moderation at some point (or that'll be ugly when they go hog wild later) That's what I think anyhow -- but then again- I love you and hope you won't have to sneak around to satisfy a french fry habit! Can't wait to talk to you in person... we need some girls only time too!

Sweetpeabart said...

Gotta love those PRESSED PARTS (chx nuggets)!!!!!!!!!!

Kerrfunk said...

In defense of the other parent of the household, "once in a while eat the mc'ds or taco hell... Eat veggies when you can- excercise often- and once in a while- let the kid eat junk." Absolutely. No argument there. Darn tootin' straight shootin!