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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dislike of Motherhood

It's no surprise to those close to me that I struggle daily with motherhood. It's not that I don't want Baby Girl; on the contrary, I couldn't imagine life without her now. It just seems that there are so many changes (without immediate results/rewards) as a result of motherhood, that it sometimes doesn't all seem worth it.

When I googled 'dislike of motherhood' I discovered that I'm not the only one. Check out the link to Mothers on the Verge (in my links) for some fun validation!

Also, here're some excerpts from an essay I found by a woman named Catherine DeVine. You may read the entire essay at http://www.carrboro.com/ohmommy.html.

She called us Darling and Pumpkin in her early attempts to mask her dislike of motherhood. She wanted friends, not kids. We made her wait a long time before we befriended her....

....toward the end of her life, she would sit with a glass of sherry and sigh, "I feel like a new bride. A little sore, but satisfied." She called me into her room one afternoon when I was maybe sixteen. I can still picture the sunlight on her face. "Cathy. Why is the Mona Lisa smiling?" A trick question. "I dunno, Mother, tell me." "Because she's not pregnant." And she laghed and laughed and laughed.

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