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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glenda Has a Friend in West VA!

As if I need any other reasons to enjoy Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, I have, in fact, found another!

Glenda's new friend is sweet, sweet icing on the cake. I think this is my God's way of letting us know we're fitting in just fine right here in West Virginia!

As a refresheror if you've not met her before, here's a Glenda montage:

Now, hold on to your hats for Glenda's new friend.

She'll knock your socks off!

This beauty is a gorgeous blonde (we don't know her name yet) with articulating arms (see the cord running up her leg) which rotate the "Cold Beer" sign in a circle every so often.

Seems she's modeling a piratey-Santa's-helper look these days.

I approve!

And I'm curious about her audience to her left......
Happy is so happy that he lost his eyeballs!

We will continue to ponder this scene while we move onward to mechanize Glenda!
Oh, and if the owner of the blonde-bombshell mannequin should happen to need a new home for her, I have a good home right here! With mannequin restoration experience included!

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