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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin House 2013

Here is the Pumpkin House in West Virginia during the C-K Autumn Fest. All sources consistently report 3,000 carved pumpkins at this free event.

Scroll for some behind-the-scenes photos here, too!

We arrived just before dusk and before the big crowd.

Here we are watching pumpkins light up to music, ala Christmas lights set to music.

This says "Welcome to the 2013 Pumpkin House and C-K Autumn Fest."

The lone, traditional Jack-O-Lantern is safe behind the picture window in the house, looking out.

Let's zoom in on one of those pumpkins......hmmmmmmmmmmm? Many with current social commentary.

Several religious pumpkins. Three with Jesus that I could see. Even depicting Jesus with a crown of thorns and one depicts Jesus carrying his cross.

Pumpkin House, behind the scenes.

The wires (look to the right) behind lighted-pumpkins show.

Pumpkin House at the stroke of seven.

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