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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ode to November

November is usually the bleak and gloomy end of something. The bust of life in spring has slowed to a stop; the grand lushness of summer is gone. The rich bounty of autumn harvest and the amazing colors of the season are all gone. Done.

But what the earth does is to rest up for another go at summer’s glory. November and the impending winter are important steps in the goodness to come. Winter doesn’t arrive to kill off one summer but to renew the earth for another summer.

Gray November can remind us that the Holy Spirit is a spirit of hope, always calling us onward!

We don’t rest in the evening because we have been working, but in order to be fresh and ready to live and work again!

~Author Unknown (if you know, let me know!)
~from Minar Therneau letter, November 2010

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