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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unfurled Old Glory

Found an old flag pole/rod in the basement of this parsonage (oh, the things to be found in basements, attics, and garages of parsonages...that's a whole nother blog post!) and the front porch already had a sturdy flag pole bracket mounted, so we replaced the little pirate flag with this beauty.

So far we've remembered to bring the flag in at dark and put the flag out in the morning. We hope for continued success with day number two. [grin]

Following the U.S. Flag Code has me breaking out in hives. I'm afraid to break a rule! The American flag requires more care and attention than my pet hamster! It's pretty, and worth the care and attention, though..... (yes, both the flag and the hamster).

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Lisa said...

Put a little spotlight (on a timer) in the ground so it hits the flag and then it can stay outside...I think.