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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Phone Booth, Feathered & Feline Friends, and a Humongous Cigar Equal a Weird Friday

My Friday started out normal enough. What with the typical walk to school and the typical picture taking of the phone booth we walk by every morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ahem.

Until.......I discovered two sparrows in the basement! What a surprise!

These two unexpected visitors eventually ended up on the first floor where they met two very bored and very (suddenly) interested felines.

This is bird #1 making friends with Remi. (Rest assured that no birds nor felines were harmed during the ensuing melee.) 

With intervention, Bird #1 was placed on the front porch where it rested before flying off into the woods.

Bird #2 had gone rouge, but Remi kept watch.

Here, Remi cornered Bird #2 near Glenda's fishnet-stocking-ed foot!

Bird #2 was carefully apprehended as Remi continued canvassing the area. He is still convinced there is a bird hanging around here.

Bird #2 resting outdoors before flying off.

My morning was complete after seeing an old man pushing a cart (buggy?) around Walmart with a humongous, albeit unlit cigar in his mouth.

Since I couldn't snap a picture of Humongous-Cigar-Walmart Man, this photo will have to do. Imagine this cigar in Walmart....in West Virginia! Okay.........maybe not too hard to imagine.

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