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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Am I officially Pennsylvanian now?

Ate at Shady Maple this morning with my friends from work. Check it out here http://www.shady-maple.com/smorg.html.

They FORCED me to try shoo-fly pie and whoopie pie. I was very non-plussed by the shoo-fly pie. It's some sort of molasses pie...almost like pecan pie, but pecan pie actually has some flavor to it. Shoo-fly pie comes in two varieties: wet bottom or dry bottom. Those are descriptions of how much molasses is used and the recipe that is followed.

Whoopie pie tastes like Hostess Ho-Hos, but it looks like a big cake oreo. Two round chocolate cakes with white filling in between. That was much better than the shoo-fly pie.

Guess I'm finally official.

See October 27, 2007 post for more info.

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