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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Baby Girl played a goooood trick on Kerrfunk and I this week. She claimed that her favorite blue blankie was missing, so Daddy and I began a fervent search for Blue Blankie. We didn't find it in any of the usual spots so we decided to ask at the YMCA and the grocery stores the next time we went, in case Blue Blankie was left at one of those places.

When we mentioned not finding Blue Blankie at home, Baby Girl would respond, "I think it's at home." And she never got REALLY upset about Blue Blankie being gone. We questioned it, but continued with the search.

So when Baby Girl had swimming lessons next, Kerrfunk asked at the front desk for the lost and found. No Blue Blankie. On the way home from swimming, they stopped at one grocery store and waited (Baby Girl included) in a loooong line at customer service to finally ask about the lost and found. Again, no Blue Blankie. I asked at the other grocery store. No Blue Blankie.

Finally, the other night, Baby Girl says, "Let's look for Blue Blankie!" and she runs over to the hiding place. Sure enough, she hid the blanket under one of her big teddy bears.

We are amazed that she kept this surprise from us for as many days as she did....and consequently went without Blue Blankie for so long.

She continues to astound us!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New Car....

...for a few days, anyway, while we get the dent taken out of the Corolla (see post from June 3, 2007)
Borrowing it from a friend at church. I already vacuumed it all out for her and wiped the interior down.
Depending on the weather, I hope to wash it before returning it also.
Too bad it's not warm enough to have the top down.

White Dove for Baptism

Okay. Flashback to June 17, 2004. Baby Girl was 15 mos. old and baptized on that day. Later in the evening, it was kinda rainy.

A white dove showed up on our front porch. It hung out for a few hours. I put a box out in case it wanted shelter from the rain.

The next morning it was gone, having left it's calling card in the form of bird poop.

We were awestruck that a white dove would just happen to hang out at our house on the very same day as Baby Girl's baptism.

Makes one think, eh?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Might Have to Get This One

True Dat!

Like this bumper sticker, but I think it's too Bush administration specific to bother getting for the car now.

Survived NYE in Times Square

Scroll down to see a powerpoint I made with my pictures.

It's even better with the music I had set up with it, but I haven't figured out a satisfactory way to keep the powerpoint and music together.

And the uploaded version has some minor changes due to compression (or something like that).